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Exclusion Extensions for Round Three

The USTR has announced extensions the Sec 301 exclusions expiring Aug 7. The list of granted extensions will push the expiration date to Dec 31, 2020 for 265 products. The vast majority of the exclusions for products found on round three however were allowed to expire so the 25% additional tariffs will once again be effective.

Once Customs has updated their system the extended exclusions can be claimed under provisional number 9903.88.56, while the original provisional numbers will no longer be active for new shipments. For now the USTR is not accepting any new exclusion applications. This list of exclusion extensions can be found here.

New Exclusions for Round Four

The USTR has also issued a short list of new exclusion for a small number of products found on Round 4. Listed exclusions are retroactive to Sept 1 2019 and have an expiration date of Sept 1 2020. These exclusions have been assigned provisional number 9903.88.55.

The list of granted exclusions can be found here.

Need an overview of all the exclusions and their updated expirations? 

Go to CVI’s Exclusion Guide 2020 (view on desktop for optimal search).

Sam McClure, LCB
Director of Compliance & Customs Services

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