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September 6, 2019

Hurricane Dorian weakened slightly early this morning, becoming a Category 1 status moving northeast near 14 mph.

On its current track, the center of Dorian will move near or over the coast of North Carolina during the next couple hours. The center should move to the southeast of New England tonight and Saturday morning, then across to Nova Scotia late Saturday or Saturday night.


Current port conditions are as follows:
  • The Port of Miami has opened.
  • Port of Jacksonville has opened with Port Condition IV.
  • The Georgia Ports Authority has returned to normal operations and experiencing high volumes. All container gates are open, all supporting staff is in place.
  • South Carolina Ports Authority:
    • South Carolina Inland Port Dillon has reopened
    • WWT, NCT and CST reopened at 0700 today.
      • Vessel operations for marine terminals in Charleston (WWT, NCT and CST), will begin at 1900 today.
  • North Carolina Port Authority terminals in Wilmington and Morehead City, are currently closed today and tomorrow, Friday, September 6. Normal operations are anticipated to resume on Saturday, September 7.
    • North Carolina Ports has completed its initial damage assessment of the Port of Wilmington and there is no significant damage to report. An update on the Port of Morehead City will be available later today after initial damage assessment has been completed.
    • Updates regarding gate hours will be released later today.
  • Virginia Port Authority main shipping channels are currently closed and vessel movements are restricted.
    • Richmond Marine Terminal and the Virginia Inland Port are open with restrictions under Port Condition ZULU.
    • All terminal truck gates in Hampton Roads are closed.
    • Assuming Hurricane Dorian clears the region Friday and barring any extraordinary service restoration needs:
      • On Saturday, September 7, NIT, VIG and the RSA Chassis Yard in Portsmouth will open at 0700 with port closure at 1700.
      • All other terminals, including the PPCY, remain closed.
    • Reopening the channel to vessel traffic is at the discretion of the USCG, TBD.


Current rail conditions are as follows:

  • Florida East Coast Railway in gates and out gates are currently open but train service is limited throughout the region.
  • Norfolk Southern traffic destined to or shipping from the affected areas may experience some delay. As the storm progresses north traffic patterns are stabilizing in Florida and Southern Georgia.  All Norfolk Southern Intermodal terminals will accept traffic destined to Florida (FEC) and will open gates  tomorrow at 0600 for traffic destined to the ports of Charleston and Savannah.  In the Carolinas and northern coastal regions, NS has staged equipment and materials in key areas and will begin recovery activities as soon as it is safe to do so.
  • CSX continues to notify customers of delays and reroutings of shipments moving through impacted areas of Georgia, South Carolina and North Carolina. Resources are in place to respond quickly – as soon as conditions permit – and restore normal operations.


Current CVI & Capes Shipping Agencies hours of operations:


Delays are to be expected as Hurricane Dorian continues making its way up the east coast of the USA.  We will update you as additional information becomes available.


Your CVI Team

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