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The USTR announced extensions for some exclusions set to expire on July 31. There are 14 limited exclusions which received an extension but most exclusions from this set were allowed to expire. For those items granted an extension the new expiration date is December 12, 2020, a shorter time frame than hoped for as authority had been granted for extensions for up to one year.

Originally, this set was assigned provisional number 9903.88.12, but the extended exclusions will need to be entered under 9903.88.54. The USTR list can be found by clicking this link. All of the extensions cover limited exclusions.

The short time frame and the limited number of extension granted does not bode well for next week when 14 sets covering all the exclusions for products on round three of the Section 301 tariffs are set to expire on August 7.

Need an overview of all the exclusions and their updated expirations? 

Go to CVI’s Exclusion Guide 2020 (view on desktop for optimal search).

Sam McClure, LCB
Director of Compliance & Customs Services


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