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The USTR has announced a new set of exclusions to the Section 301 tariffs on China origin goods. This list, the 29th overall, covers goods listed on round three of the additional tariffs which were effective on September 24, 2018.

There are 17 exclusions which were granted at the 10 digit HTS code level while the remainder are limited to the written description. The list covers a wide variety of products including seeds, chemicals, steel containers, portable grills and a limited amount of furniture.

The exclusions will be retroactive to the effective date of the tariffs and are scheduled to expire August 7, 2020 – they will be effective for a relatively short time period. The provisional number assigned to this list is 9903.88.48, which is not yet active in Customs’ system. We expect this will be updated by Friday.

Please take the time to look over this list to see if you may benefit from an exclusion.

For a complete list of exclusions and their respective expiration dates, visit our “CVI Exclusion Guide”. This guide has been updated to reflect all updates (view on desktop for optimal search): Go to CVI’s Exclusion Guide 2020

Sam McClure, LCB
Director of Compliance & Customs Services


USTR Notice of Exclusion Extensions

New Exclusions – Set 29

Set 5 Products Expiring June 3

Go to CVI’s Exclusion Guide 2020


CVI Exclusion Guide 2020

CVI now has a free, complete guide to EVERYTHING you need to know for tariff rounds and exclusions, including:

  • HTS Code
  • Publish Dates
  • Exclusion provision number per set list and round
  • Effective & Extended Expiration Dates

The CVI Exclusion Guide 2020 provides you with a link to original USTR exclusion announcements with a breakdown of each excluded product.

Please let us know if you have any questions. We will be regularly updating this document via our website.

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