July 11, 2019

Set 6 exclusions of the Section 301 tariffs for Chinese goods have been announced and posted in the Federal Register (84 FR 32181), effective July 11, 2019. The list covers 110 exclusions, all of them limited to the description and not excluded by HTS code.

Provisional number, 9903.88.11, has been added to cover the exclusions in the tariff.  These exclusions all  relate to goods found on the first round of tariffs and are retroactive to July 6, 2018. The exclusions expire one year following the posting of the Federal Register Notice unless extended.

If you have goods covered by Round 1 of the additional tariffs please take the time to look over the list and let us know if you see any which may apply.

Please see the list link here: 301 Exclusions Set 6 July 11 2019.

We will continue to alert you with any changes and certainly more are on the way. If you have any questions please contact us at CV International.

Sam McClure, Director of Compliance & Customs Services, .

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