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CMA CGM and China COSCO Shipping Corporation are discussing efforts to create a new vessel-sharing alliance that could include Evergreen Line, OOCL, and IRISL (Islamic Republic of Iran Shipping Line). This move would shake up 3 of the 4 major east-west carrier groupings. Sources with ties to China COSCO Shipping conveyed that CMA CGM is heading the talks of the new alliance. More evidence to support this is in January, CMA CGM and IRISL announced they would jointly operate routes and share ship capacity. The National Development and Reform Commission of China has officials within it who have also confirmed that CMA CGM is in talks with them which is contrary to CMA CGM’s denial of this at the beginning stages. At a press conference, one senior official stated that “China COSCO Shipping is dedicated to forming a strong and competitive alliance.” Read more.

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