Customs and Border Protection celebrates its 230th birthday this year and the Port of Norfolk celebrated by opening the main hallway to the Norfolk Custom house to the general public for the first time in DECADES.

Because customs clearance & compliance services are near and dear to the heart of our business, CVI Imports Specialist, Lynette Williams, attended the event to experience all the past and present workings of the CBP agency.

The U.S. Customs Service, established by the first Congress in 1789, is the oldest federal agency. The Customs Service assesses and collects duties and taxes on imported goods, controls carriers of imports and exports, and combats smuggling and revenue fraud.

U.S. Customs and Border Protection officers lined the hallway of the Norfolk Custom house presenting variations of seized imports with detailed explanations regarding the importance of CBP protocols.

Among the many goods confiscated were animals, coral, weapons, skulls and cars. There were also displays and photos of wood products held for proper fumigation to control the population of insects entering U.S. borders.

CBP’s x-ray trucks and drug detecting dog, Jacky were outside for the public viewing and first hand demonstration.

CVI was elated for the opportunity to step inside Norfolk Custom house, after years of the door being closed, for an up-close and personal experience to bring back home to our customers.


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