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In early 2020, our world changed radically as the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) began to spread throughout the U.S. and around the world. By early March of this year, our management team was holding daily meetings to review this rapidly unfolding situation as well as the guidance coming from federal, state, and local officials. There were many factors to consider as we formulated our response.

Our company was identified by the Department of Homeland Security as one of many operating an Essential Critical Infrastructure Workforce. We wanted to do our part in responding to this crisis, but we were also very concerned for the safety of our team and their families. So we set the priorities that would guide our decision-making – to maintain our business operations providing personalized service to our customers while guarding the safety of our team, their families, and the broader communities in which we work and live.

It quickly became clear in mid-March that the best way to achieve these priorities was to adopt a work-from-home model for a majority of our team. As nearly all staff were office-based, this change would present a number of challenges for us.

Our ongoing planning and investment in technology included identifying the systems and infrastructure necessary for our team to work remotely if required. So, the IT team was able to quickly provide the equipment necessary to begin working from home, and they assisted the various departments as each person worked to setup their own work-from-home arrangements. New software was deployed allowing each team to replace traditional, in-person meetings with virtual meetings, maintaining the communications that are vital to our success. Business travel and office visits were prohibited, but the sales team reacted by finding new ways reach our customers and develop new business. The whole team demonstrated a large measure of adaptability and collaboration – two of CVI’s Core Values. Thanks to everyone involved working together, we were able maintain successful business operations while protecting the safety of our team.

Over the past few months, the situation has evolved as has the guidance provided by the various authorities. We have instituted a voluntary return-to-work plan allowing those who are comfortable to return to working in the office, while others continue with their work-from-home arrangements. For those who have returned to the office, there are a number of new COVID-19 safety protocols, but everyone is adjusting well.

The future of this public health crisis is unclear and events continue to unfold. In the meantime, we will remain vigilant, monitoring the situation and making adjustments as necessary. By working together and adapting when necessary, we are confident in our ability to provide the personalized service our customers expect while protecting the safety of our team.


/" target="_blank" rel="noopener noreferrer" data-cke-saved-href="">Kevin Briggs, SHRM-SCP
Director, Client & Administrative Services
Manager, Human Resources

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