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Varying state, local and global COVID lockdown regulations rocked international trade markets and precluded in-person sales visits. Recognizing this as a time where our customers need us most, Mike Coleman, our President & CEO, decided to kick off a company-wide initiative that directed us to take a deep dive into our customers’ business and the relationships we share with them. The goal was to better understand all aspects of their business and find ways to better serve them. We branded this initiative our “Client-360 Review”.

Some other logistics providers saw things differently and chose instead to use these unprecedented times of questionable carrier behavior and challenging capacity and equipment issues as an opportunity to significantly increase rates, restrict service offerings and/or shed unprofitable business. Not us!

What is a Client-360?     We’re using data to look for and define opportunities where we can deploy our people and our global network of partners to help our clients successfully navigate today’s challenges. We’ve engaged all functions of the organization; executive, sales, finance, pricing and procurement, and customer care teams so that we have an end-to-end picture of our customers’ experience with CVI.

Why Is CVI Doing This?  We know from the results of several marketing surveys that our clients value our distinctive, personalized customer care. Through our Client-360 program, we are creating conditions where we can build on these strengths and ensure that our relationships with our customers go beyond transactional toward experiential. The better we understand who our customers are within their sphere or industry, the better prepared we are to introduce services and solutions that are of interest to them, which will help us to map a future relationship.

What might a future relationship with CVI look like as a result? Here are just some of the scenarios that we’re reviewing. Are we your Customs Broker? Let’s discuss logistics and freight forwarding. Are we your freight forwarder? Let’s discuss our Cargo Management program. Are you a BCO? Let’s discuss the value of our NVOCC division and how our portfolio of carriers can complement your current carrier strategy. Are you considering new products or new sourcing? Let’s discuss Customs Compliance and Supply Chain Consulting.

Why now? Because we want you to know that while we’re not able to visit with you, we are thinking of you! All modes of transport and all ports of entry are stressed and our customers need a partner who has a deep understanding of their business. They need a partner who can provide feedback and solutions to questions not yet asked. They need a partner who is well prepared to adjust to the ever-changing market conditions. Our Client-360 prepares us for all our customers’ needs!

We expect the 2021 ocean contract season to be like no other, and you deserve a partner like no other. What was once an exercise in extracting the lowest price from a provider, has suddenly turned toward discussions on leveraging relationships, defining mutual expectations, and measuring mutual performance. In what may become a ‘new normal’, we believe that customer care, performance, relationships, and partnership will ultimately overtake price as a key differentiator in these negotiations.  While these traits have always been part of the CVI culture, our Client-360 program is the latest CVI innovation that enhances our adaptability and creates opportunities for deeper collaboration.


Vinny DiCostanzo, LCB

Client Relations Manager

A licensed Customshouse Broker since 1988, Vinny currently serves as Client Relations Manager, leading our Client 360 program to document and standardize processes and performance metrics, both internally and externally.

Vinny came to CVI from Panalpina where he held various leadership positions including Branch Manager, Branch Unit Head of Operations, Customs Service Center Manager and Head of Ocean Import Operations. He also served the Regional Organization where he helped to develop and promote USA systems transition, workflow and process design, process gap analysis, and process centralization.

Vinny continues to remain active in the local maritime community. He is a member of the Norfolk Customs Brokers & Forwarders Association and holds committee positions with the Virginia Maritime Association.

– Vinny Di Costanzo, Client Relations Manager, LCB, CVI
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