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The Jones Act states that only U.S.-flagged vessels are to be used for shipments between two U.S. ports. This has hindered the ability for the United States to get hurricane relief supplies down to Puerto Rico. U.S. citizens on the island are struggling in the heat due to the wide spread power outages and were running low on both food and water. “Critics of the act had said that Trump, who temporarily waived the act in Texas and Florida after storms hit, cared more about a few U.S. shippers than he did about 3.4 million people living in Puerto Rico.” Puerto Rico’s governor, Ricardo Rosselló, stated that this Act “complicates and raises the price of hurricane relief.” Taking all this into account, President Trump announced that he will waive the act to allow for a faster response time to Puerto Rico. Since then, the Pentagon has given resources and deployed a hospital ship, USNS Comfort, to aid in the recovery process.

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