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The CVI/Capes team has worked offshore wind (OSW) projects along the East coast, supporting principals working on geophysical and geotechnical surveys, crew and spare part needs, and local OSW resources needed to meet these specific industry needs on time and under budget.

From coordination of port calls, crew needs and vendor arrangements, to global transportation and Customs clearance, to project cargo with highly specialized requirements, Capes Shipping Agencies, and parent company, CV International, deliver a holistic solution that empowers the offshore wind industry to meet its full potential along the East Coast.

Offshore Wind Client Solutions:

  • Robust local network, expertise, and resources
  • Vessel calls, crew needs and support
  • Coordination of bunkering & port services
  • Cost control & disbursement management

Meet one of CVI/Capes OSW experts, Pete Hansen:

“We understand the importance of saving money for our customers without cutting corners. We continuously evaluate local options to achieve customer project goals at or under budget.”

–  Pete Hansen, Director of Operations, Capes Shipping Agencies
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