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Mike Coleman
President & CEO, CVI
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“We distinguish ourselves through our commitment to our clients; through our ability to determine and execute the most efficient, cost-effective transportation solutions on their behalf. We are a partner that can be trusted to get the job done correctly and professionally. Everyone in our organization, from top to bottom, takes personal ownership in our work for our clients. Since my father founded the company and until this day, we consider ourselves our client’s transportation department.”

B. Wayne Coleman
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“Thank you for taking the time to visit our website. I hope you find it provides all the information you need.

I started out on my own in 1984 with a goal of providing shippers a loyal, caring, and knowledgeable staff who would provide customized service and personal attention. I envisioned this company as being an outsource support partner that could provide our customers with the results they need. I am results driven, and so is my company. Achieving results for our customers is what has set us apart.

CVI employees are some of the most respected and experienced individuals in the industry. I personally spend a great amount of time and resources attracting these professionals to CVI and maintaining long-term relationships with them. As a service provider, our most precious asset is our employees.

Today, more than 30 years later, I still make our customers the center of attention. In that effort, we invest in technological innovation to keep the supply chain moving as efficiently and effectively as it possibly can. As technology continuously evolves, one thing remains constant: our complete dedication to providing the very best service to our customers.

If you have any questions about CVI and how we could work with you, please feel free to contact me directly.”

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