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Embrace & drive positive change

Be open-minded, flexible, & responsive

Develop customized solutions


Be humble, selfless, & seek the best solutions

Consider the interests of all stakeholders

Build trust by providing and accepting honest feedback

Proactively share knowledge


Create value & efficiency through technology

Challenge conventional wisdom

Pursue continuous improvement

Demonstrate innovation in service delivery


Maintain the highest ethical standards

Demonstrate honesty, trust, & respect

Hold yourself and others accountable for actions & results

We deliver personalized international logistics and shipping solutions through a values-based culture of service excellence.


Communicate clear goals & expectations

Be results oriented, & make data-driven decisions

Demonstrate high standards of performance

Take initiative & drive excellence


Demonstrate expertise in service & solution delivery

Commit to continuous learning & personal development

Always act in a courteous & respectful manner

Deliver consistent, reliable results


Invest in the development of our people & our communities

Fulfill fiduciary responsibilities to customers & company

Practice responsible management of resources

Uphold company legacy & founding principles

“Our core values serve as our true north – providing us with an internal compass to guide us in meeting the daily challenges of a rapidly evolving world.”

– Kevin Briggs, Vice President, Client & Corporate Support
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