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You may not realize it, but your freight forwarder is the de facto receptacle of your critical global logistics data, making them perfectly positioned to aggregate and present valuable information across your supply chain.


Do your logistics providers proactively share your international business data with you? Are they giving you visibility to milestones, statistics and performance metrics that enable you to better strategize routings, optimize transportation modes and track the overall efficiency of your supply chain?

In the current volatile transportation environment, it is more important than ever to have a partner who will lead this process for you; a partner who will GATHER, COMPILE, and PRESENT your data in a customized and easy-to-understand format. And then take it step further by providing helpful recommendations on ways to enhance transportation efficiency, allowing you to do more with less. Welcome to the CVI Quarterly Business Review (QBR)!

Vinny DiCostanzo, Client Relations Manager at CVI, with over 30 years’ industry experience, heads our QBR program, working closely with Lisa Cook, VP of Operations. They put to work your company’s data to provide insight on questions like:

  • Are you maximizing your full-container weight/volume utilization?
  • Are you aware of your transit times and alternative routing options?
  • Are you missing opportunities to convert LCL to FCL?
  • Are you missing opportunities to convert AIR to LCL?
  • If you have your own direct contracts, do you need robust transportation management reporting to assist with carrier allocation, performance and scorecards?

And let’s not forget Customs data and compliance information. Your transactions with US Customs can significantly impact your overall international spend when you consider duties, fees, and other related charges.

  • Are you interested to see the period over period product value/spend with each supplier?
  • Do you know what percentage of your product spend is on Customs Duties and Fees?
  • What is the impact to your bottom line of the Provisional Duties assessed against certain products from China?
  • Do you know your entry performance with CBP and at which ports/facilities you are seeing the most exam activity? Do you know what suppliers/commodities are being targeted most?

CVI’s value added KPI engagement really goes “next level” in our QBR meetings, which is vital to our client relations experience. During these focused assessments of your supply chain, CVI’s Management and Customer Service Reps take a deep dive into your logistics program, collaborating with clients on continuous improvement and cost saving measures. And while we love conducting these in person, they’re also perfectly suited to the virtual meeting format.

If you’re looking for a logistics provider who will partner with you to care for your supply chain and provide valuable data and reporting to help your business realize its full potential, look to CVI.

Redefining Global Logistics – Redefining Client Relations – Exceeding Customer Expectations


A licensed Customshouse Broker since 1988, Vinny currently serves as Client Relations Manager, leading our Client 360 program to document and standardize processes and performance metrics, both internally and externally.

Vinny came to CVI from Panalpina where he held various leadership positions including Branch Manager, Branch Unit Head of Operations, Customs Service Center Manager and Head of Ocean Import Operations. He also served the Regional Organization where he helped to develop and promote USA systems transition, workflow and process design, process gap analysis, and process centralization.

Vinny continues to remain active in the local maritime community. He is a member of the Norfolk Customs Brokers & Forwarders Association and holds committee positions with the Virginia Maritime Association.

– Vinny Di Costanzo, Client Relations Manager, LCB, CVI
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