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Rotterdam has announced that they plan to make $3.6 million available in order to reduce the bottlenecks and long delays in barge loading and unloading. These delays are even more impacted due to the closure of Rhine Alpine, the north & south bound rail corridor. With the closure, shippers have fewer alternatives for sending cargo inland. As the busiest port in all of Europe (Rotterdam sees more than 6 million FEUs each year) this makes it even more urgent to find a solution quickly. Barges account for almost half of all the traffic that comes through Rotterdam, and the waiting times are currently between 12 and 48 hours. The CEO of the Port of Rotterdam Authority, Allard Caselein, stated that he believes “it is essential for everyone involved to realize that container handling benefits from a smooth-running logistics chain.” The port is currently working on developing a method to enable simple swapping of containers between the terminals on Maasvlakte, as well as a data solution to provide information on current capacity at the port.

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