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Why worry about your freight? With all the risks involved in international transportation and the low cost of insurance (pennies on the dollar), there is little reason not to insure your cargo. What would happen if your cargo was lost or damaged? Without insurance, not only would your customer be upset, but you would also have an immediate financial loss and potential liability.

We offer total cargo coverage plus the cost of transportation. Plus, CVI can tailor an insurance program to fit your specific needs. With our depth of experience in both administering cargo insurance programs and handling claims, you can be assured that your program will be carefully arranged and managed.

If disaster ever strikes, CVI will process your insurance claim in a thorough and expeditious manner. Plus, by handling both your transportation and insurance needs, we will be able to process claims faster with immediate access to all of your cargo documentation. The quicker your claim is processed, the quicker it can be settled, and the quicker your company can receive compensation.

Adding insurance to your shipping program is a simple step that just makes sense. Contact us today to make sure your next shipment is covered.

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