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The Global Shippers Forum which is made up of prominent shippers around the world, are targeting an end to container shipping surcharges within a five year period. The GSF plans to achieve this through a multi-faceted plan to lobby international organizations, such as the World Trade Organization, and publicly reprimand what they are claiming to be the industry’s worst offenders. There have been widespread reports that unexplainable surcharges have been increasing following the implementation of the new mandatory container weight verification rule that the International Maritime Organization set forth last month on July 1.

Almost all of the surcharge offenses have not been happening in North America, Australia, and Europe but rather in Africa, Asia and other developing regions around the world. The GSF serves as an umbrella for national shippers groups and were at the table when the new International Maritime Organization rule came into effect but are now voicing concerns raised by their members. Some of their members say that a few container lines and forwarders are taking advantage of the weight verification rule and are charging too much for suspect “administration fees” and other “services” related to the obtaining and reporting of a container’s verified gross mass. Read more.

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