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Southbound Select Weekender – Expedited Air Service


Today’s supply chains span continents, with tight inventory controls and just in time processes. This is especially true in the U.S. Southeast, where many German and European companies have operations that rely on consistent import flow in their manufacturing environment. Shipping flexibility and options are key, to deliver the right product at the right time, to keep plants running smoothly. At CVI, our clients enjoy a variety of tailored logistics services, with the ability to seamlessly speed up or slow down orders (air vs. ocean), as well as flex up or down shipment size.

Our Southbound “Weekender” airfreight consolidation provides a dependable and timely solution for importers in the Southeast with European products. Using this turnkey weekly service, shippers can conveniently arrange shipments from Germany on a Thursday, have product consolidated in Stuttgart on Friday, with product cleared and available for pickup / delivery throughout the Southeast U.S. on Tuesday. There are numerous advantages to CVI’s weekender service:

  • Consistent weekly service schedule to CLT
  • CVI’s express, in-house customs clearance ensures timely release of goods.
  • Door delivery is available throughout the U.S. Southeast (contact CVI for priority delivery zones/rates).

And the best part is CVI’s personalized service. You will enjoy working with a logistics expert who handles your shipments from start to finish, getting to know your shipment flow and acting as an extension of your operation. Let us show you how CVI can optimize your Europe to U.S. Southeast supply chain with a variety of air and ocean options, tailored to save you time and money.

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