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THE Alliance, which is made up of German carrier Hapag-Lloyd, the Japanese ‘K’ Line, MOL and NYK Line, and Taiwanese Yang Ming, is developing safeguards to help recover stranded cargo if one of the members has a collapse as Hanjin Shipping did this year. One of these safeguards is an emergency fund which Federal Maritime Commissioner William Doyle thinks is a great idea and would like to see the 2M and OCEAN alliances do the same. “I find it more than just creative. It’s a group looking for a solution. If a solution like that were to occur, I think the other alliances would follow suit with the same kind of instrument,” said Doyle. Doyle said he still has concerns over language in the agreement related to purchasing power and joint contracting which could hurt domestic U.S. businesses but complimented the proposed safeguards in agreement draft. Under the framework language of the “safeguard agreement” of THE Alliance, in the event of a liner collapse, remaining liners have the option to make arrangements directly with entities providing vessels/space to the affected party that are used by the alliance and make arrangements directly with agents or subcontractors of the affected party. Read more.

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