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by Venetia Huffman, Vice President & General Manager,

Similar to ocean tides, all industry professionals are likely to explain regular business changes as ones which “ebb and flow.” Or if your vision leans toward inland environs, those changes might be named “peaks and valleys.” For the logistics professional, the summer months are usually ones where sighs of relief can be heard, meetings are on hiatus, cargo movement is less hectic, and the family vacation becomes of paramount importance.  We all know those restful times are needed in advance of the retail peak season which is fast approaching.

However, the summer of 2018 is presenting itself as a whirlwind, resulting from the implementation of enhanced tariffs on the import community. The months are heating up significantly with the ongoing exchange between the U.S. and its trade partners over the validity and fairness of these tariffs.  With no amicable negotiation in sight, the days of summer 2018 won’t be categorized as lazy! In late July, CVI will be hosting a webinar in association with a Washington DC based trade attorney to provide education and reliable information on this extremely critical topic.

Another pain point for the import and export community continues to be the availability of road carriers. Trucking power in many U.S. markets, particularly the Midwest,  continues to be challenging, Ongoing thoughtful planning will be required to ensure no interruptions arise within your company’s supply chain. CVI personnel are fortunate that our extensive network of trucking relationships allows us to give our customers the options needed to avoid some of the difficulties these trucking limitations have presented.

Our customers may be confident that CVI representatives and management are never on hiatus.  We encourage our employees to enjoy those vacation days, but our commitment to customer service never takes a vacation. We remain committed to serving your business needs any time of the year.  All of us at CVI hope your summer will be one of relaxation and recharging in preparation for those ebbs and flows ahead.

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