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by Bill Smith, VP, Business Development & Sales, 

How does a nearly 100 year old company and iconic furniture brand reinvent itself?  Stanley Furniture is looking to the supply chain to gain a competitive advantage.  Now under new ownership, the company has partnered with CV International (CVI) to redefine their global logistics program, offering a high performance shipping platform that enhances the overall customer experience.  “It’s all about having the right product at the right place at the right time,” comments Steve Wolfe, Stanley’s Vice President of Logistics and Distribution.  “We are leveraging technology and the resources of our global 3PL, CVI, to ensure our customers have a high quality experience with every order.”

Stanley’s global logistics strategy, powered by CV International, is based on (4) key elements:

Service Differentiation – Stanley is laser focused on providing outstanding service, proactive communication and a “high touch” experience for its customers.  Given its globally sourced supply chain, Stanley relies on CVI’s network of offices/agents and technology suite to book, traffic, track, clear and deliver ocean shipments in good order, all with a single point of contact (Key Account Manager).  Wolfe explains, “Our customers have a wide variety of options in the marketplace, so we’ve got to prove ourselves with every order and shipment.  CVI understands that and provides the logistics tools and resources needed to satisfy client needs.”  This includes a global reach, wide range of logistics service capabilities, best in class systems and expert personnel.

Visibility & Control – Stanley utilizes CVI’s cloud based technology to achieve higher levels of supply chain performance.  This starts with Purchase Order Visibility & Management, which provides accurate and timely updates on production status, to synchronize product availability and delivery schedules.  Once orders have shipped, CVI also provides online track/trace, systems integration and customized reporting capabilities, so Stanley has an accurate snapshot of inventory levels at all times.  Stanley is C-TPAT certified and is focused on customs compliance, consulting with CVI to stay abreast of trade and regulatory matters.  Wolfe elaborates, “CVI’s control tower approach puts us in the driver’s seat, giving Stanley the ability to quickly execute global logistics initiatives to better serve our customers.”

Cost Optimization – With a variety of ocean freight options at its disposal (direct contracts, shipper’s association, NVOCC, spot market, etc.), Stanley can flexibly respond to changing market conditions to assure its supply chain is optimized for both service and cost factors.  This is accomplished through CVI’s Cargo Management program, which assures shipments are booked in the most cost effective manner possible that meets service level requirements.  Given the data aggregation and automation benefits that CVI’s systems bring to the table, along with their highly professional staff, Stanley’s logistics program operates in an efficient manner that always keeps the bottom line in mind.

Supply Chain Performance – Stanley’s overarching goal is to enhance customer value through supply chain excellence.  Through its collaboration with CVI, the company is achieving higher fill rates, reduced lead times, lower inventory levels and enhanced logistics performance.  Wolfe explains, “As a company, we are better aligned.  Stanley is executing on a higher level, in spite of industry challenges including a nationwide truck driver shortage, electronic logs and various other constraints.  But with these headwinds also comes opportunity for companies that leverage technology and logistics best practices to differentiate themselves.  Stanley Furniture is building a better mousetrap in this respect, with CV International as a key partner.”

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