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Trucker availability has deteriorated in recent weeks at nearly every port and rail ramp across the country. The new electronic logging device (ELD) mandate, implemented last month, has long been expected to cause disruption throughout the industry. The combination of those regulations with holidays, weather delays, driver shortages, and overall increased demand has resulted in major service interruptions. At this time, we are seeing trucker availability for new bookings as far out as two to four weeks from the time of initial request.

Advance booking will be essential going forward to avoid major disruptions to shipping schedules. Communication with your CVI Customer Service Representative and early notification of your needs will help counter the effects of the shortage.

Given the strain on the industry, it is likely that we will begin to see trucking rate increases in the coming weeks. Some will be tied directly to the ELD regulations, especially for longer hauls where pre-pulls or overnight layover charges are incurred. Base rates will also increase due to overall low truck power supply.

CVI is committed to monitoring the situation and providing market updates as new trends emerge. Our goal is to make the new trucking reality as smooth as possible to manage, and to keep your cargo flowing.


If you have any questions, please contact your CVI Customer Service Representative for more information.


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