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The Obama administration is now looking to the private sector to accomplish a 100 percent scanning mandate that the shipping industry says isn’t feasible and would damage United States containerized trade. The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) is turning to private companies to score “quick wins” before the next deadline. This is the first time the DHS will look to private companies to achieve 100 percent scanning. A major issue DHS would like to tackle is how to deal with transshipment containers that reach a secondary port before their final destination to the United States and could be tampered after original scanning of the container at the origin port. Currently, only 3 to 5 percent of containers coming into the United States are scanned the DHS estimates. Dan Stajcar, director of the United States Customs and Border Protection’s Container Security Initiative said, “Logistics became a large problem. We had to put scanning equipment where it wouldn’t interfere with the flow of port operations, and as a result, we couldn’t scan transshipped cargo, or very little.” Read more.

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