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If you haven’t had a chance to interact with Venetia Huffman, you may be missing out on an appealing personality and over 38 years of expertise in Customs clearance, compliance and brokerage. CVI’s Norfolk office has had the privilege of Venetia Huffman training and building its operations team since her debut with the company in 2003. Throughout her 15+ years with CV International, Venetia has worked as Import Manager, Branch Manager, VP of Compliance Vice President & General Manager, and has well earned her position as Chief Operating Officer of CV International, Inc. Although her many years of experience have afforded her the opportunity to be an expert in the field, she will be the first to admit the industry is ever changing and continues to provide new experiences and more to learn everyday.

That being said, we would like to recognize Venetia for humbly serving the community as a guest speaker for Dr. Cook’s Strategic Sourcing and Purchasing Management course at Old Dominion University for 10 years. Her commitment in the industry has not only seen the success of past operations teams and managers, but it also extends to our next generation of cohorts in transportation. Dr. Cook’s Strategic Sourcing and Purchasing Management class at Old Dominion University is offered to upper-division undergraduate and graduate students seeking a degree in Maritime & Supply Chain Management. The course prepares students to understand how to acquire necessary materials, services and equipment at the right place, the right time, and for the right cost.

“Venetia has come to my class to offer her expertise for (if my memory and records are correct) ten years.  She helps to present students with the real-world issues that are a core part of understanding typical transportation and delivery issues in the supply process. In particular, she speaks with students about freight forwarding and customs house brokerage.  She helps students to understand not only what freight forwarding and customs house brokerage are but also has the ability to convey to students what careers are like in those areas, what skills are needed to be successful in such a role, and the challenges professionals in those areas face on a day-to-day basis.  Her talks are always engaging and interactive.  Students really enjoy when Venetia gives them items (like a child’s toy fire hat, pencils, or hand lotion) to consider in terms of the regulatory bodies that have a ‘say’ in their import and the issues about which a customs house broker must be knowledgeable.  I cannot thank her enough for the time she has given out of her busy schedule to be an important part of my course each year”

-David Cook, Ph.D.
Director, Assistant Dean for Graduate Studies & Associate Professor of IT/DS
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